Best Motability cars 2022 - top choices in each sector for Motability customers

The Motability scheme is designed to get less able people moving, and we've picked the best cars in six categories by way of a guide

The Motability scheme is designed to help disabled people get more mobile, and we've picked the best cars on Motability in six categories to help with your purchase decision.

Choosing a car can be a real struggle, whatever your circumstances. Cost is a huge factor, while any physical limitations or mobility issues you have add an extra dimension to the problem of finding a suitable model. On balance though, the freedom that a car can bring can make a life-changing difference, and that’s where Motability comes in.

This scheme enables disabled people, their families or carers to lease a new vehicle at a discounted rate, and if special controls or access modifications are needed, these are available, too. On this page we’ve picked the best cars currently available on Motability based on our expert car reviews and the kind of deals Motability is offering on each model just now.

Best Motability cars 

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How does Motability work?

The basis of Motability is that the low-cost lease deals the scheme offers are financed by the Higher Rate Mobility Component (HRMC) of a recipient’s Disability Living Allowance, or by a Personal Independence Payment. People receiving a War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS) or the Armed Forces Independence Payment can lease a car via Motability, too.

As well as offering cars at a discounted rate, Motability provides adapted cars to make them easier to drive, and also leases scooters and wheelchairs. This is all done on a ‘not for profit’ basis, as Motability is part of the charitable sector. That means the prices of Motability's lease deals are generally competitive, especially as they also include insurance, servicing and a high annual mileage limit of 20,000 miles. As a result, Motability currently has more than 650,000 customers using its scheme.

Drivers receiving HRMC are nonetheless advised to double check that the regular PCP deals offered by mainstream dealers haven't overtaken the Motability deals, as they could be even more attractive, especially for low mileage drivers. However, if your disability or circumstances mean you haven’t built up a credit history, then Motability is often the only choice available.

What is a 'Nil Advance Payment' car?

In general, Motability prices fall into three categories. First there are cars with lease costs below the monthly HRMC component. Sign a lease on one of these, and your HRMC will be split – the lease cost going direct to Motability, and the rest coming to you. Then you have the cars which cost exactly the same to lease as the HRMC, so you still have nothing extra to pay, but don’t see any of the cash either.

Both of these categories are referred to as ‘nil advance payment’, or ‘nil deposit’ cars. The third category is for more expensive vehicles, where you make a single advance payment to Motability Operations (the company set up to administer the scheme), which covers the difference between the HRMC allowance and the actual lease cost. Like a normal PCH lease, you’ll need to pay the advance payment (if applicable) every time you order a new car.

Your Motability car search

Now that's covered, the fun part is picking the Motability car that’s right for you. Like everyone else these days, you’ll probably start your Motability car search online, and while the charity’s own website provides a comprehensive Motability price list covering roughly 2,000 cars, it’s light on advice as to which cars are the best performers in their categories, and that's where we come in.

There is more choice than you might expect to get on the Mobility scheme with premium brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi mixing with cheaper brands such as Mazda, Volkswagen and Skoda. So whether your budget is tight or a bit more flexible, then you will be able to find a car to suit.

For our list of the best cars to choose on Motability, we've picked some of the top models in each class, so you’ll know which Motability dealers to target first for test drives.

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